Recruitment Process Outsourcing

When clients have significant organizational change underway – for example when a new business, production or downstream facility is being initiated, then this service comes to the fore. Orca’s full-service outsourced staffing model supports increased hiring needs and variability during critical business evolution.

Customized to a client’s organization it is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. We work with a client to model their anticipated resource requirements and identify potential recruitment bottlenecks in their hiring process. Then, once we have agreed our services ‘plug-in points’, our scalable team aligns with the client’s changing requirements through the build and production kick-off life-cycle periods – and beyond.

This planned synchronization of our service modules (such as candidate sourcing, pre-screening, telephone interviewing or online testing) with a client’s internal resourcing enables a client to ‘plug-in’ to our service framework for immediate response and bottleneck avoidance.

We are there to take the load.


During my time in Petronas Exploration & Production (2013 - 2016), I have received services by Omid to identify suitable candidates for key roles in the area of E&P Project Management. Omid has always acted with the highest level of integrity in his role. He was on top to identify possible candidates and has followed through to achieve the best result for all parties concerned. He has been following up on his commitments, which demonstrated that he is a reliable person to work with. During periods of difficult negotiations in the Asian context, he showed that he has the individual strength to master challenging situations. Without any doubts, I am comfortable to recommend his services to other customers.

Winifried Arens, Germany
VP Shell & Head of Project Management Learning in Pretonas